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MODALERT 200 MG (Modafinil Tablets IP 200mg)

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Modalert, a generic version of Provigil by Cephalon, was originally produced to treat daytime drowsiness; however, the benefits of this cognitive enhancement tablet were quickly noticed by entrepreneurs, students, and other go-getters who needed to power through their day with enhanced focus. Modalert serves as gentle, safe, and stable way to get more done every day. Users experience a gentle boost of their mental stamina, which they take full advantage of in their studies and day to day work life.

Modalert is one of the most popular tablets taken for cognitive enhancement, used every day by both patients new to nootropic drugs and those with more experience with cognitive enhancement tablets. You can buy Modalert online for an affordable focused “buzz” that efficiently boosts productivity and profits so you can have a productive day and still enjoy a full night’s sleep!

In just almost any academic or professional career, there’s a time when we need to do more than just perform. We need to outperform. There’s a lot of sensible advice out there about maintaining a healthy diet, getting enough sleep and getting physical exercise to keep our brains functioning well. It’s all good information, but sometimes, we need to take things one step further than these habits can take us.

That’s when a lot of people turn to pharmaceuticals: stimulants and stay-awake drugs, but many of these affect judgment and could even reduce our mental fitness. But Modafinil, also known as Modalert, is different. What is this drug, and should you consider using it?

What Is Modalert 200 mg Used For?

The reasons for using Modalert can be split into two broad categories. Accepted usage, and uses that there’s strong scientific evidence for, but no official recognition. As a prescription drug, Modalert is prescribed exclusively to people who struggle to stay awake when they should be going about the business of daily life.

However, it’s an open secret that most people who use Modalert don’t suffer from daytime sleepiness. Instead, they use Modalert for two things: staying awake when they would ordinarily be asleep, and boosting their mental acuity. It is the latter reason that is the primary motivator. Both informal and scientific trials show that Modalert can boost IQ.

There’s also evidence out there to suggest that it improves learning and memory and that it helps people to join the dots between seemingly unrelated facts. Finally, performing challenging tasks becomes pleasurable, while attention span becomes seemingly unbreakable.

Thus, we see that the vast majority of people using Modalert use it for studying or boosting on-the-job performance.

Mechanism of Action

Modalert works through a complex process that adjusts the brain chemistry using our natural neurotransmitters. It all starts with increased histamine levels. This, in turn, sets off a chain reaction that ends up with reduced reuptake of dopamine and elevated serotonin.

Dopamine is particularly important here, and it’s the reason why people are so alert when using Modalert. This neurotransmitter is our natural “reward” chemical. It tells us that we’re having a great time, even when we’re just crunching columns of figures.

Have you ever noticed that your senses are heightened when you’re doing something really rewarding? How your brain becomes fully engaged in whatever you’re doing? How memorable it all is?

Side Effects

Given that many people would consider the benefits of Modalert to outweigh any risks, it’s actually surprising how safe this drug is. Even the dopamine activity it promotes is not likely to result in addiction, hence Modalert’s status as a schedule IV drug.

However, no drug completely without its risks, and Modalert does cause side-effects among a percentage of people. Fortunately, the commonest side-effects are also not life-threatening, but there are rare side effects that indicate a need for caution.

Common side effects include:

  • headache;
  • vertigo or dizziness;
  • nausea;
  • cold or flu-like symptoms;
  • upset stomach;
  • agitation;
  • dry mouth;
  • insomnia.

Rare side effects are just that, but since they are also more serious, it would be wise to consult a doctor or discontinue use if you experience them.

  • elevated temperature;
  • hallucinations or psychosis symptoms;
  • depression;
  • mood swings;
  • chest pain or irregular heartbeat;
  • severe rash that may even lead to hospitalization.


Drug interactions are a complex topic. Some interactions can have very serious consequences, while others may be almost unnoticeable. In addition, a list of active ingredients won’t include all the brand names that use those ingredients. If we were to list those, we would have to list over 1,000 brand names and, even then, our list might not be complete.

The simplest rule of thumb is not to use pharmaceuticals with any other medications or health supplements without consulting your doctor first.

There are two interactions that are extremely common, however, and we’ll mention them here. Firstly, do not use Modafinil with alcohol, and if you do so, be aware that the effects of alcohol will be enhanced and unpredictable. Secondly, women using hormonal contraception need to be aware that their family planning meds won’t be as effective as they should be, and that this effect lingers for up to a month.

How to Take Modalert 200 mg Pills Without Risk?

Nothing, not even crossing the road, is risk-free, but there are ways to reduce risk. Firstly, you should not use Modafinil if you have any preexisting health conditions unless you consult a doctor first. You should certainly not use it if you have:

  • heart or blood pressure problems;
  • liver problems;
  • kidney problems;
  • a history of mental health issues.

The primary risks you face are:

  • effects such as dizziness that would preclude driving a motor vehicle safely;
  • allergy;
  • severe side effects.

Modalert 200 mg tablets are easy to break in half for two 100 mg doses if you find that it meets your metabolic and productivity needs. Many customers say that a 100 mg dose meets their daily needs and they can stretch their dollar even further by taking the second half the next day or by sharing it with a partner for a duo of boosted cognitive enhancement. After trying a half dose, some users find that the 200 mg tablets meet their needs better and take a full tablet every morning before a good day of work.

Since the incidence and severity of adverse effects increase with dose, the first step will be to determine how Modalert affects you and how much to take. Here’s how to take it:

People also worry if they would pass a drug test when using Modafinil. Regular workplace drug testing does not search for this drug. However, if you are an athlete, drug testing may pick up Modafinil since it is seen as a performance enhancing drug.

Reviews and Ratings

There is no shortage of reviews and ratings to examine. What people experience depends a lot on individual factors, so not every review is positive. For example, a person who experienced a severe headache after using Modalert would be unlikely to give it a positive review. On a balance, however, Modafinil reviews are very positive as seen in the examples below:

❝ I’m impressed. Sun Pharma’s Modalert is as good as anything I ever got from a mainstream pharmacy, and a lot cheaper. Phyllis ❞

❝ I’ve been using Modafinil on and off for years. It’s one of my secrets to success as a straight-A student. But be warned – it doesn’t replace working hard all year! Cedric ❞

Where Can I Buy Modalert for Studying?

There are two ways to go about buying Modalert. You can go to your doctor and try and talk him or her into prescribing it for you. Then go to the pharmacy and pay an exorbitant price. Alternatively, you can get the same drug with the same uses and ingredients from an online pharmacy that has maintained a good reputation.

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