Last updated: July 31, 2023


When you land on our site (store) using any browser that accepts the collection of some basic user information, we automatically get your computer’s internet protocol (IP) address. We do this in order to provide us with basic information that helps us learn about your browser and operating system in order to provide you with a quality shopping experience based on your browser.

Also, when you use our website to purchase any product available from our store, and as part of knowing who you are and your location for shipping purposes, we do collect your personal information you give us. Nothing more. Basic purchase information includes your name, personal home address, and email address.

Moreover, with your permission, and as part of our online drugstore customer service – to serve you best, we may use your email (for email marketing if applicable). With this option, if you choose to opt-in, we may send you emails about our store (how best we can serve your needs), new products that might interest you, and other necessary updates as part of being our valued customer.


Your consent is necessary. How do we get your consent?

Upon deciding to purchase a product from our store, you are required to provide personal information in order to successfully complete a transaction, place an order, make proper and genuine arrangements for your product delivery or conduct a successful process of returning a purchase, we do strongly imply that you consent to our required process of collecting this personal information and using it only for that said reason.


Once a buyer completed a transaction from our website (store) or the browser redirects to a third-party website or application, the buyer is no longer governed by our store (this) Privacy Policy.

Additionally, if our visitor (or buyer) happens to browse our site and click on external links redirecting you out of our site, we are not held responsible for the privacy practices held on those links sites. We fully recommend you to carefully read their (site) privacy statements.


To securely protect your interaction of personal information with our site, we (our store) take reasonable precautions and completely follow industry best practices with regards to ensure it’s not inappropriately lost, disclosed, misused, accessed, altered or destroyed.

In regards to our store, we ensure we 100% follow all the necessary protection measures including following all PCI-DSS requirements and fully implement necessary additional information accepted by industry standards.


By using this site (store), you (or any visitor/buyer) agree that you represent or that you are at least the age of majority in your region, country, state or province of residence, or that you among other majority people in your state, country, or province of residence are of the reasonable age of consent and you have given us your consent to comply and interact with our services or buy a product of your choice after agreeing with the site and this Privacy Policy.


Be noticed that at this website (store), we reserve the right to modify this stipulated Privacy Policy at any time – soon or in the future. We recommend you to fully review this Privacy Policy frequently. In this regard, any changes and clarifications made will take effect immediately upon their publishing or posting on the website. Also, if you choose to opt-in for email marketing, and if we make material, service, or some site governing consent changes to this Policy, we will notify you through email that it has been updated. Also, we do the same by publishing a banner either at the top of the site, bottom or any suitable location (even as a popup) so that you or any visitor is made aware of what information we collect, and how we use it.


This is the end of this Privacy Policy. We reserve the sole right to amend any necessary information without your notice or take the necessary steps by emailing you if you had provided us your email to be used for communication purposes only. If you would like to either access, amend, correct, or delete any personal information we have about you, we ask that you register a complaint, or simply, if you want more information regarding our store and how we operate, please contact our Privacy.

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